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I am beautytrapped in FAT
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Welcome to | Ana LOVE| .. ANA/MIA/COE/ED-NOS SUPPORT...WE are Beauty trapped in FAT.. Here's our rules:

. NO anti-ed posts! This is a community for people who have ed's and want support!

. Please, only make CONSTRUCTIVE comments!

. Be nice to all new members. Don't be rude because they are fellow Ana's/Mia's like us

. Don't talk about what you may have binged on, because it may give us bad ideas!

. Enjoy the members, and have a helpful experience!

Upon joining, please fill this out and post!

. Your Name:

. Age:

. Height:

. Current Weight:

. Highest weight:

. Lowest weight:

. Short term goal:

. Long term goal:

. What ED you have:

And be sure to include either a picture of yourself or one thinspirational picture!

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